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Personal Training Fitness

one on one personal training One to one personal training session, in your home or outdoors that are tailored specifically to meet your needs, implementing a progressive model of training to get you to your fitness goals in a quick, consistent manner. Diet advice and motivation techniques are also included.

Weight Loss & Toning

weightloss I will show you the quickest way to slim down and stay slim. Getting diet and exercise right is essential to losing weight, combine that with great resistance training and you will end up with a slim toned body. Combining strength training and cardiovascular workout plans and you can expect to lose 1-2lb per week.

Core Strength

core If the core muscles are weak, you can’t breathe as deeply, lift as heavily, or move as quickly. Core strength and a strong core is imperative when improving low back pain and aids you when performing a range of important compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press.


Get your nutrition right and you will be half way towards yours goals, remember abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. nutrition Whether you want to lose weight and get slim or build some muscle, the most important step towards any goal is having a clean and healthy diet. Combining a healthy diet, with a challenging exercising plan will yield fantastic results.

Corporate Fitness

corporate fitness A fit and healthy work force is a productive work force. Get your staff in shape by arranging some lunch time or after work personal training sessions.

Group Training & Boot Camps

boot camp Personal training sessions in groups are really motivating with a great atmosphere, get your friends together and split the cost between you. Personal training boot camps can be a great idea for others who perhaps feel more motivated exercising with others!

Muscle Toning & Building

muscle building Muscle burns calories, building up your muscle tone. Not only does it make you look good but it increases your metabolism too. Implementing a great resistance training programme will tone your body, get it strong and looking great!


Bodybuilding can have many health benefits, some of which are obvious and some not so much so. The first one is of course building muscle, bodybuilding training techniques and dieting are a fantastic way of building solid muscle mass. Body Building Lifting heavy weights in conjunction with the correct diet can be highly beneficial when losing weight, something that bodybuilders are masters of perfecting. However some of the unsung benefits of bodybuilding can include things like stress management and a healthy and active lifestyle. Whilst there is a massive emphasis on diet and dedication which is not to be disregarded or ignored, the feeling of personal accomplishment for most far outweighs the sacrifices made.