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Helpful Nutritional Tips to Get You Started

As nutrition is by the far the most important part of achieving any fitness related goals, below are five highly beneficial nutritional tips. Click the category for more information.

Eat More Calories

Low calorie diets (below 1200 a day) do more harm than good, with that said, there are a ton of hidden calories out there, so beware not to go crazy. My point is, starving yourself to lose weight will back fire on you. Eat More Low caloric intake only slows your metabolic rate and forces your body to store calories in the form of fat. A good range of calories for an adult female is 1200-2200 and 1800-2800 for men. Find a good ratio of protein, fats and carbs, so you are not hungry, and are achieving you goals. Keep in mind the scale does not show water weight, muscle gain, or anything else for that matter! Go by how you clothes fit, measurements, and if you can, get a body composition test done.

Concentrate on Natural foods

Natural, unprocessed foods are used more efficiently by the body and are less likely to be stored as body fat. Choose fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and other complex carbs as the mainstays of your diet. Natural Foods Natural, complex carbs are needed to make and replenish muscle glycogen, the carb stored in the muscles and liver and used to supply energy for exercise and activity. Foods like refined pasta and bread products are less effective in a fat loss program. If you limit them to a few times a week you will notice a huge difference in your shape and definition.

Moderate carbohydrate intake

As energy foods, carbs are totally essential for exercisers and must be included in your diet. But, if you want to speed up your fat loss, change your carb intake slightly. When you reduce carbs, your body has less glycogen to run on and is forced to burn fat instead. Carbs This is tough, I know! We all love out pasta and bread. Here is what I suggest. Eat your pastas and breads before 5pm and only a few times weekly. Stick to veggies and proteins for late afternoon and dinner.

Eat Enough Protein

protein Protein provides essential amino acids to repair body tissues like muscle. Without protein you will lose metabolically active muscle and sabotage your fat loss efforts. Good sources of protein are white meat poultry, fish, lean red meats, skim milk, yogurt, tofu, beans, and cottage cheese.

Drink Plenty of Water

drinkwater Fluid retention is alleviated and liver functions improve, therefore increasing the percentage of fat used for energy. Natural thirst returns decreasing appetite, improving metabolic function which helps the body rid metabolic toxins and waste, increasing energy levels.

Motivational Tips

In order to achieve your goals and obtain the physique you require, it is imperative you train and exercise regularly, as well as having a healthy balanced diet. Below are five motivational tips you may find useful.

Make a commitment

walking the dog Even a daily goal as simple as taking a 30-minute walk is a great start. Start small, stick to your commitments, and you’ll create lifelong habits.

Ask a friend to join you

finding a friend You’ll be surprised how many people just like you are looking to get started and get healthy. Together you will stay more motivated and can push each other to succeed.

Choose activities you enjoy

playing football Sports and outdoor adventures are great ways to exercise while still having fun. Add a few crunches, push ups and stretches in, after your sport and you’ll have a complete workout. The great thing about sports is a lot of them consist of being part of a team, which can be great for socializing, motivation and making friends.

Subscribe to a good fitness magazine

mens health This monthly motivator will be a great source of information, recipes and ideas that will inspire you to continue. Both men and women’s fitness and men and women’s health magazines are excellent choices. Not only can fitness magazines provide helpful insight into delicious healthy recipes but can provide a great resource of different forms of exercise, helping you keep your diet and training varied.

Break larger goals into smaller ones

my goals By breaking down larger goals into smaller ones, not only does hitting your goals seem more attainable, it makes large goals more manageable. Think of it this way, instead of saying I want to lose almost a stone in the next three months, break it down. I want to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Although it seems miniscule, if you calculate it over a three month period, that equates to between 12-24 pounds over a 3 month period. All of a sudden a larger goal becomes so much more achievable.